“You inform, awaken and inspire. Thanks from all the men and for the tremendous amount of work you have invested.”
Joe Zoske, CSW, Consultant


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Oakland Anxiety Counseling – Helping Men Understand and Overcome Anxiety
About 1 in 12 men in the United States suffers from anxiety. This anxiety can take many forms. It could be a panic attack or an obsessive-compulsive worry that a door is unlocked. It could be post-traumatic stress or a social anxiety that makes it painful to be in groups. It could also be a fear speaking or flying. Whatever the anxiety, it can be debilitating. Oakland Anxiety Counseling helps men to understand and overcome their anxiety.

Men’s Depression – Helping Men Beat Their Silent Killer
There’s a cultural myth in our society that men don’t get depressed. The truth is, at least 1 in 20 men does. Despite this, the myth endures — in part, because men’s depression doesn’t always look like depression. But it’s a very real disease and, too often, a deadly one for men. Every hour of every day, three men take their own lives. And men with depression are twice as likely to die from any cause of death. Mens-Depression helps men to understand and recover from this silent killer.

Men’s Therapy – Helping Men Overcome Barriers to Living Fulfilling Lives
Society gives men many mixed messages about manhood and how a man is supposed to be. These conflicting messages can lead to conflicts in men — and to increased stress, poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and unsatisfying relationships. Left unchecked, these problems only worsen. Men’s Therapy understands the unique problems faced by men and how to effectively remedy them.

Help For Angry Men – When You’re Ready To Become The Man You Know You Can Be
Many men struggle with controlling their anger. While anger is a normal and usually healthy emotion, for some men, anger can get out of control or turn destructive — both for themselves and others. A man’s unchecked anger and hostility increases his risk of death. Fortunately, there are effective strategies for controlling anger and hostility. Help For Angry Men is the first step.

Postpartum Men – Helping Dads Beat the Baby Blues and Overcome Depression
Yes, men do get postpartum depression. In fact, every day in the United States nearly 3,000 new fathers become depressed. That’s 1 in 4 dads. And although untreated postpartum depression can result in damaging, long-term consequences for a man, his children, his career and his marriage, it can be successfully treated. With proper treatment and support, men can fully recover. PostpartumMen provides important information for fathers – including a self-assessment – hosts an online forum for dads, offers resources, and helps fathers to beat the baby blues.

Men’s Health Consulting – Promoting Better Health and Wellness In Men and Boys
Men die more than 5 years younger than women and are at greater risk for 14 of the 15 leading causes of death. Despite these facts, most men think their health is “excellent” — and they’re dying to prove it. Men’s Health Consulting is an educational and training firm that promotes better health and wellness in men and boys through a variety of services that assist communities, health professionals, employers, educational institutions, and men and their families in understanding and effectively addressing the health of men and boys.

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