“Your workshop was clearly a highlight of the conference!”
Kathleen Chawalisz, PhD, Chair, Counseling Health Psychology Section of the American Psychological Association and Conference Coordinator

“Will is an exceptional communicator. His clear vision is substantiated by his wealth of first-hand experiences, and he puts it all together in a very nicely packaged presentation.
His talk was the highlight of our program.” — Steven Gange, MD, FACS, Chair, CME Committee, St. Mark’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Will’s opening address was highly motivational and inspiring. He framed the key issues in a context that was timely and practical. His command of the material is extraordinary and is well complimented by his ability to connect with the audience. For me, it was the highlight of the conference.” — Owen Borda, New York State Department of Public Health

“Will’s advice on how to approach the male patient has already helped me be a better diagnostician and I expect it will help me elicit better compliance from my male patients.” — Jean Scott, MD, Family Practitioner

“Will’s talk brought together the need to look at men’s issues comprehensively and multidisciplinarily. He also stressed the need to look at men as individuals and understand men as a group, while taking into account differences in culture, race and ethnicity. He was the only keynote presenter who stressed the biopsychosocial nature of men, their issues, and their concerns.” — Peter Vaughan, PhD, ACSW, Associate Dean of the School of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania 

“Will’s statistical information is most convincing and useful.” — Hase Rodenbaugh, MD, Emeritus Clinical Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

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“Dr. Courtenay’s training of pic-speaking
trainers changed the way I conduct my own training sessions and the way I approach the men I work with. It raised new and interesting issues, and helped me to create a training that’s innovative and fresh.” — Marsha Gelt, MPH, Project Director, Center for Health Training, San Francisco

“We thoroughly enjoyed having you here. You did a great job! You couldn’t have done a better job in terms of focusing on what we’re looking at.” — Dick Mateer, Dean, University of Richmond, Virginia

“I attended the one day pre-conference workshop conducted by Dr. Courtenay. It was a real eye-opener. And as I share information that was presented that day with the men in our predominately male workforce, I often hear a resounding ‘That’s right! That’s exactly how it is for me.’ Some even seem surprised that there’s awareness of the realities facing men. Please let me know when your new book is published. Thank you.” — Julie Robinson, Program Coordinator, New Brunswick Power Corporation, Canada

“It was the most interesting and organized presentation I’ve heard all year!” — Carol Swanson, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

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