“A leading psychologist in the field of masculinity.”
The American Psychological Association

Click here to see Dr. Courtenay’s recent interview about men’s depression and suicide by Ysabel Duron and Marty Gonzalez on San Francisco’s KRON 4 Weekend Morning News.

Welcome to my website. I’d like to tell you a little more about who I am and what I do. As a psychotherapist, I help men to overcome anxiety, depression and other emotional concerns that prevent us from living happy and fulfilling courtenaylives. In addition to my work with individual men, I also facilitate support groups for men.

It really pains me to see so many men suffering alone, in silence. Especially since depression, anxiety and the other emotional problems that affect us can all be effectively treated. So, helping men to lead the most fulfilling lives they can remains a lifelong passion – whether it’s helping with career, moods, relationships, parenting, or stage of life concerns.

Finding a therapist who you’re comfortable with – and one who understands men – is critical for psychotherapy to be effective for you. But it’s not easy to find an experienced therapist who’s skilled at working with men. I’ve specialized in helping men for over 15 years. I’d like to help you.

I know asking for help is sometimes hard, but phoning now is a start. Give me a call at 415-346-6719. I’ll be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have.

With best regards,
Dr. Will Courtenay

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Click here for an Esquire Magazine feature article on men’s mental health, focusing on anger, anxiety and depression – including both their downsides and surprising upsides. Dr. Courtenay was a contributor and the primary source for this article. It includes some quasi-scientific quizzes to help readers assess their own mental health. Dr. Courtenay also details treating – and preventing – mental health problems, including everyday habits as well as natural supplements and medications.


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