“A leading psychologist in the field of masculinity.”
The American Psychological Association

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Dr. Courtenay is an internationally recognized expert in helping men and boys, a psychotherapist, a distinguished author and researcher, consultant, speaker and radio host.

“The Men’s Doc” is vocal spokesperson about the lives and experiences of men and boys, and fathers. He has dedicated – and continues to dedicate – his life’s work to improving the physical and mental well-being of men and boys, and to shattering outdated myths about men and manhood.

As a social scientist and researcher, Dr. Courtenay is committed to bringing to the public what science can tell us about men and masculinity – and about how to improve men’s lives. He has a clear, no-nonsense style and translates scientific findings into everyday language, and into practical, useful information.

“A powerful scholar and effective leader . . . Successful in bringing the psychology of men to audiences such as medicine, public health, and even government policy makers . . . with a focus on real-world problems.”
The American Psychological Association, Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity

After being selected for inclusion in Who’s Who in America for the previous 9 years, Who’s Who announced in 2018 that Dr. Courtenay was being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. The award honors those who have “demonstrated leadership, excellence and longevity within their respective industries and professions.”

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